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About Antire 44 Haskins Storage

Antire 44 Haskins StorageBrian, Becky, and Ben developed the idea of self-storage in 2002, converting 14 acres of farm ground to a storage facility. Self-storage expanded into outside storage when their neighbors needed a place to store their boats, and within a few years, we are proud to say we became the largest boat, trailer, and RV storage facility in the state!

Company History

  • 2002- Opened with 110 storage units and 150 outside parking spaces.
  • 2004- Expanded to 210 storage units and 250 outside parking spaces.
  • 2006- Built a managers’ residence and grew to 250 storage units and 350 outside parking spaces
  • 2012- Expanded to 440 outside parking spaces
  • 2013- Installed LED parking lot lighting and solar panels


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Meet the Family

We’re a family of dedicated professionals , ready to do whatever it takes to serve our customers – daily.


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[av_team_member name=’Brian Haskins’ job=” src=’http://antire44haskinsstorage.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Brian-Haskins.jpg’ attachment=” attachment_size=” description=’I have spent all of my life in the St. Louis area and was raised in High Ridge, where I attended high school at Northwest. My wife and I met at Southeast Missouri State and got married in 1979, started a family, and started a cleaning service business in 1983.

My other passions besides my family and business include getting involved in local politics and community projects. I have served for multiple years as a board member of the Missouri Self-Storage Association.

Also, I was elected and served on the Northwest R-1 school district board from 2009-2012, as well as the High Ridge Fire Protection district board from 2009-2015.’ font_color=” custom_title=” custom_content=”]
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[av_team_member name=’Becky Haskins’ job=” src=’http://antire44haskinsstorage.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Becky-Haskins.jpg’ attachment=” attachment_size=” description=’I was born and raised in St. Louis and have spent all of my adult life here. Brian and I got married in 1979 and have 4 amazing children together.

I was a stay at home mom for most of our kid’s adolescent years. After our kids got older, my involvement in our cleaning and landscaping business grew. Once we opened the storage facility, I became very involved in day to day operations of the business.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my kids and grandchildren.’ font_color=” custom_title=” custom_content=”]
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[av_team_member name=’Ben Haskins’ job=” src=’http://antire44haskinsstorage.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Ben-Haskins.jpg’ attachment=” attachment_size=” description=’My pursuits in education included accounting and finance, but as time went on I became more interested in investing time in my parents business.

I have been working for my parents since the age of 14 and full-time since 2003. My main responsibilities consist of outside maintenance and office duties. I have been living at the facility since 2006, providing enhanced security and customer service to all of our customers.

My other hobbies include endurance sports and farming. I was inspired by my sister, Sarah, after she encouraged me to run a mile with her in Colorado. We ended up running an 8 minute mile together and since then, exercise became a part of my lifestyle.

Since 2010, she has inspired me to lead a healthier path in life which led me to meeting Jen, my wonderful partner in life. My other passion is raising plants and animals for food, which includes cows, chickens, turkeys, and a vegetable garden.’ font_color=” custom_title=” custom_content=”]
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What others say about us


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[av_testimonial_single src=’315′ name=’Dave Manegre’ subtitle=” link=’http://www.wikipedia.at’ linktext=’Maxmanc Inc’]
Very nice people and you can pay on line. I have had my RV here for about 6 months with no problems.
[av_testimonial_single src=’315′ name=’Charlie Mopar Chas Barbaglia’ subtitle=” link=’http://www.wikipedia.at’ linktext=’FunkyInc’]
If you want a good safe place to store your Rv or trailer go to Haskins I used to store my race trailer down the street from my house I could walk to it then it was Simply Self Storage , then they changed to Uncle Bob’s storage that’s when the trouble started they told me that everything would stay the same as before (WRONG) first they said they were going to stripe the lot so I had to move my 28 ft race trailer so no big deal I had a 40X12 spot so after the striped it then my spot got smaller to a 30X10 spot but I was able to get it in there (ex tow truck driver ).

Then they said unless I could fit my trailer (28 foot ) in a 20×10 spot and not hang out to far it was ok gee what school did you got too, the next thing they said because my trailer sat length wise (and they could make room for 3 more parking spaces) that the city of High Ridge had a parking ordinance that says I couldn’t park my trailer there like I have it first of all High Ridge is not a city it is a township and second their is no such ordinince like that so I moved my trailer to Haskins Storage wich has been great and a whole lot cheaper and are great people went from 65.00 a month to 33.00 for a 40X12 spot

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